CC&Co. has extensive experience in partnering for corporate and private.  If you are interested in hiring us, below are some general questions about your event:

What type of event are you creating?

Costume desires or colors?

What is your budget?

Venue Location: Indoors or Outdoors?

What is the floor plan/ event layout?

How many performers?

What style of dance or aerial apparatus?

How long do you wish to have performers performing?

Performing to set music or part of the atmosphere?

General FAQS
Most aerial apparatus need a minimum of 15′ clearance height and 8′ diameter circumference.
Our outdoor/portable rig is 20’x20’x20′.  It needs a flat surface.  No gravel.
We do not rig in trees.
Dance space is a minimum of 20′ x 20′.
Fees: Really depend on the answers to the questions above.  No event is the same.  Please email us at for a quote.
We cannot do 100% exchange for fundraising events.  We have hard costs that we must cover to keep our dancers safe.